Our Vision

Lifting up the name of Jesus


What is the Levite Summit?

The Levite Summit is a place for you to be equipped in your gifts and talents, to be inspired to live and work in the fullness of what God has for you, and to be transformed by the Presence of God. Psalm 78:72 tells us that King David led with skillful hands and a pure heart. The Levite Summit is designed to attend to both of those areas in your life – excellence and passion, giftedness and maturity. 

What happens at the Levite Summit?

You can expect 3 Keynote Sessions with an inspiring speaker and powerful worship times, 25+ breakout sessions cover a variety of topics, with something for everyone. Each event is regional, so we tailor it to the work that God is doing in that province. You may find songwriting workshops, pastoral training, or other optional components. The Levite Summit is a great place to come as a team to grow together in a solid foundation of truth. 


Who is a Levite?

Simply put, a Levite is a servant. In the Bible, the Levites were those from the tribe of Levi that were charged with the responsibility of serving in God’s temple. Young or old. A feeler or a thinker. A leader or a team member. A pastor or a volunteer. A songwriter or a painter. A technician or a musician. Dance, speak, write, lead, pray, act, play, edit… in the conventional church, or outside the walls in the community. If God has given you a gift and you want to use it to serve, then you are a Levite, and the Levite Summit is for you.

Prayer Ministry

A critical part of the Levite Summit is the confidential prayer ministry that is available to all attendees throughout the conference. We have a trained, gifted team that is dedicated to serving the Levites who are so often serving at home that they greatly benefit from receiving ministry. The prayer room is available throughout the weekend, as well as intercessors placed in every room.