What is the Levite Summit?

The Levite Summit is a place for you to be equipped in your gifts and talents, to be inspired to live and work in the fullness of what God has for you, and to be transformed by the Presence of God. Psalm 78:72 tells us that King David led with skillful hands and a pure heart. The Levite Summit is designed to attend to both of those areas in your life – excellence and passion, giftedness and maturity. 


Who is a Levite?

Simply put, a Levite is a servant. In the Bible, the Levites were those from the tribe of Levi that were charged with the responsibility of serving in God’s temple. Young or old. A feeler or a thinker. A leader or a team member. A pastor or a volunteer. A songwriter or a painter. A technician or a musician. Dance, speak, write, lead, pray, act, play, edit… in the conventional church, or outside the walls in the community. If God has given you a gift and you want to use it to serve, then you are a Levite, and the Levite Summit is for you.


What happens at the Levite Summit?

You can expect 3 Keynote Sessions with an inspiring speaker and powerful worship times, 25+ breakout sessions cover a variety of topics, with something for everyone. Each event is regional, so we tailor it to the work that God is doing in that province. You may find songwriting workshops, pastoral training, or other optional components. The Levite Summit is a great place to come as a team to grow together in a solid foundation of truth. 


Prayer Ministry

A critical part of the Levite Summit is the confidential prayer ministry that is available to all attendees throughout the conference. We have a trained, gifted team that is dedicated to serving the Levites who are so often serving at home that they greatly benefit from receiving ministry. The prayer room is available throughout the weekend, as well as intercessors placed in every room.

breakout session tracks

When you register, you will indicate which one of these 5 tracks you are interested in. This ensures a spot for you in those sessions, and helps us facilitate the best learning experience for you! Tracks are designed to provide both inspirational learning and practical application in your area of ministry. If you don’t feel drawn to a specific track, we suggest selecting SOUL CARE which has a great variety of personal growth sessions. Upon arrival, if you see a session outside of your track that you'd like to attend, you are welcome to attend as long as there is room available, as priority is given to those who selected it in advance. Also, we record the audio from every single session and email them to you after the conference for free, so you don't have to worry about missing out!


King David led with skillful hands and integrity of heart. Worship leaders and teams today are called to the same standard.  With practical demonstrations and opportunities for interaction, you will take your skills to the next level.


These are some of the best opportunities for learning.  Prayer, Leadership, Artist Temperament, Conflict, and the Music Business are areas that have been featured in past years.  Stay tuned for more info on the Ministry track!  Registrants will gain new insights, find new resources, and meet like-minded people that share similar successes and challenges.


The arts are a valuable part of our culture, community and God’s Kingdom work. This year we will focus on visual art, through drawing, sketching and painting.  Hands on demonstrations and teaching have been designed to teach and inspire.  In this track you’ll receive some excellent instruction, and practical application!


Skills are required to support a creative environment that minimizes distractions and enhances the message and art forms being presented.  With unique responsibilities and pressures, technical volunteers and staff are vital to communicating the Gospel. Basic and advanced training will be available to equip you!


We are excited to welcome our partner in ministry COMPASSION CANADA who will provide a learning track focussing on Compassion, Poverty awareness and Justice while also providing resources for you to implement in your churches and communities!


Breakout sessions for each Levite Summit are adapted to what God is doing in that community, and shift and grow from year to year. We source local experts as speakers, as well as trusted sources that we bring in especially for that event. To see the specific sessions and speakers for your local Levite Summit, click these links!

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